Pepperoni, Pickled Chili, Red Sauce, Whipped Cry Baby Craig’s Honey, Pecorino Romano, Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend
















Francy Pants 




Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend, Mornay, Tomato Jam, Ham, Caramelized Onions, Chives 












Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend, Red Sauce, Pepperoni Cup 








































Mushroom Cream, Peas, Ground Beef, Cheddar Jack, Poblano Crema, Tater Tots, Pickle Roll-Up, Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend












































Ham, Caramelized Onions, Thyme, Mornay, Chives, Tomato Jam, Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend
















































Gyro Sausage, Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Pickled Leeks, Feta, Mint, Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend
















































Extra Pepperoni, Corn, Red Sauce, Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend
































Wrecktangle Pizza Cheese Blend is a mix of Wisconsin Brick Cheese and Mozzarella
















While we offer gluten-free and dairy-free menu options, we are not a dairy and Gluten-free kitchen. Cross-contamination can occur and our restaurant is unable to guarantee that any item is completely free of allergens.

















Jeffrey Howard Rogers

Jeffrey Howard Rogers was born and raised in Minneapolis with an affinity for food. Growing up with Minnesotan cuisine and an endless love for pizza, the opportunity to bring family recipes to a Detroit style pizza concept could not be more exciting for Jeff!

Working in the restaurant industry, both front and back of the house, for his entire adult life has been a creative outlet and a true passion. Whether cooking at home after a long bar shift, making a birthday meal for his family, or collaborating with friends, Jeff is constantly excited to get creative in the kitchen.

Wrecktangle Pizza is the culmination of Jeff’s journey and Minnesota’s desire for amazing tastes. Detroit style pizza through a Minnesota lens, Wrecktangle Pizza features familiar flavors and cameos of the bold. The light and crispy crust is the outcome of our specialty dough baked in a rectangle steel Detroit style pan. Pizza is Jeff’s dream come true and it’s about to be yours, too!